Do you have a world changing idea?
Do you have what it takes to be a startup founder?

Key dates for CoceleratorU 2014 are below!

Submit your Statement of Intent and Pitch Deck early to receive feedback from our experts. You will find the links at the bottom of this page.

Cocelerator is an early stage start up incubator that operates out of Cowork MYR. Cocelerator has teamed up with Coastal Carolina University to find the students with the most potential to form their very own startup. All it takes is a good idea.

Key Dates for CoceleratorU 2014...

Any further questions? Contact Professor Salvino.

Pitch Deck (for those that have submitted an intent statement)

Prep Your Pitch

To officially enter the competition, you need to prepare a pitch deck, upload it online, and submit the link to the uploaded deck. (We will go over this process and explain pitch decks in more detail later). Decks will be reviewed and finalists will be notified to present at the Live Pitch event. We may also contact you directly with feedback specific to your idea and pitch. This could be an opportunity to become a CEO of your very own company!

Don't stress– it's not difficult as it sounds and we're going to give you some great resources for inspiration and help. Submissions that demonstrate they have read and followed our guidance will have a special place in our hearts. Keep reading below...

Pitch Deck Pointers

Simply, a pitch deck is a short slide presentation. In about 10 slides, a good pitch deck will give a complete overview of the new business you are wanting to create to your potential investors. Use this presentation as a guide of what your pitch deck should contain.

You can use a variety of tools to create your deck. PowerPoint is the obvious choice but did you know that you can also use Google Docs to create a presentation? You could also do a multi-page Word or PDF document. OpenOffice is a nice free alternative to the Microsoft Office suite. Whatever tool you decide to use, just be sure it can export to a file format that supports. We aren't judging on design but presentation does matter. In doubt, your best bet is to use a standard slide template.

Want some inspiration? Check out these links:

Got your deck ready? If you followed the advice and steps above you should be in great shape! Submission of your pitch is easy. Just upload your document to to (make sure the "Mark as Private" checkbox is checked) and submit the URL link to the pitch deck in the form below.

Participation Terms

By submitting your Pitch Deck URL you agree with the terms below.

Pitch Deck Submission

Before you submit your pitch, there's some simple research and thought excercises that can make or break your current idea. Don't let this process discourage you. It's perfectly normalto change your idea at this point. It's much easier to change before you even get started. You may even come up with an entirely different idea during the process!

Use these guidelines to help refine your idea into something realistic endeavor with great potential:

  • Whats the intention of your startup?
  • From the customer point of view, what problem are you solving?
  • Who will be your first customers?
  • How are your customers currently solving this problem? ("Nothing" is a cop out and isn't acceptable!)
  • Are your customers compelled to solve this problem? (aka Is it a Vitamin, Aspirin, or Vaccine?)
  • What is your solution?
  • How is your solution different from existing solutions?
  • How are you going to reach these customers?
  • Whats your BHAG?

Keep in mind we are looking for ideas that can scale outside of geographic bounds and can be developed to prototype or MVP stage quickly. For example, opening a retail barber shop in Conway takes significant up front investment and has limited potential versus an online service that helps customers find and rate hair stylists in their city.

Submit Your Statement of Intent!

First Step: Statement of Intent